High School

The High School program allows high school students from St. John’s and surroundings’ high schools to experience rowing. Most students start with no experience but through many hard-working volunteer coaches the students will gain experience while having fun. Students from all the high schools are merged into one big practice to encourage team building while making new friends.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
3:30-5:30PM 3:30-5:30PM 3:30-5:30PM 3:30-5:30PM 3:30-5:30PM 3:30-5:00PM 3:30-5:00PM

Please note that the Monday – Friday morning slots are only for the summer, starting July.



  1. Please register online at Rowing Canada
  2. Seasons: Spring (May-June), Summer (July – August), Fall (September- November)
  3. Fees: $150, $150, $100 for each season respectively. $300 for the full year.
  4. Fees may be paid online through Rowing Canada or handed in as cash or cheque at your first practice, along with your swim test form.

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