2015 RCA Canadian Masters Championships – July 19-20, 2014

Burnaby, British Columbia

One of our own rowers, Eric Hanna-Quinn, received a bronze medal in Mens single (1x). Eric, achieving a top 2 finish in the heat, earned his place in the finals. Less than 5 hours after the heat race Eric once again lined up at the start for the finals. In the end he finished third with a time of 3:41.66, earning himself a bronze medal from Rowing Canada.

2013 Canada Summer Games – August 13-17, 2012

Sherbrooke, Quebec

The entire 2013 Canada Games Rowing Team were members of our club! These athletes competed admirably in every single rowing event. The team make finals in both the women’s and men’s eights! The full list of results can be found by visiting the 2013 Canada Summer Games Website.

The coaches were: Ben Colbourne, Zachary Meaney, and Kiersten Van Gulick.

Athletes who rowed at the games are:

  • Alex Brandt
  • Luke Dyre
  • Eric Hanna-Quinn
  • Kieran Hawksley
  • Frank Norris
  • Colin Pike
  • Charlie Price
  • Liam Robbins
  • Mitchell Thomas
  • Andrew Williams
  • Janelle Chafe
  • Maria Ellsworth
  • Abagail Fraser
  • Megan Fitzgerald
  • Sarah Ford
  • Stephanie Graham
  • Emily Hancock
  • Anna Henley
  • Hayley Ivany
  • Kirsten McKay
  • Emily Peacock
  • Maria Roach
  • Morgan Walsh

The 130th Royal Canadian Henley – August 7-12, 2012

St. Catherine’s, Ontario

Kierstan Van Gulick, both a coach and athlete of the St. John’s Rowing Club, excelled at her performance at the 130th Royal Canadian Henley. Kiersten won her heat race and achieved second place in the semifinals to finally finish 5th in the finals of Under 23 Lightweight Womens Single. Simultaneously she also coached the club’s junior competitive team through all their events at the same regatta. The Royal Canadian Henley is the largest regatta in Canada and is acclaimed as the top amateur rowing event in North America. We are very proud of her efforts and commitment to the sport!

2010 World Junior Rowing Championships – August 5-8, 2010

Racice, Czech Republic

Tyler Young, a rower from the St. John’s Rowing Club, capped off an incredible year of rowing by competing for Team Canada at the World Junior Rowing Championships in 2010. Tyler’s Junior Mens Quad (4x) placed 5th in the repechage and unfortunately did not make the final. However, Tyler learned a great deal from his experience during training and competing at this event. The St. John’s Rowing Club is very proud of his great work!

2009 Canada Summer Games – August 17-21, 2009

Prince Edward Island

The entire 2009 Canada Games Rowing Team were members of our club. Spectacularly, four of our girls came home with a bronze medal in the Women’s Four (4-). Other athletes also did well with the women’s pair (2-), women’s lightweight double (L2x), womens coxed eight (8+), mens pair (2-), mens four (4-), mens lightweight four (L4-), and the men’s coxed eight making the finals! The full list of results can be found by visiting the 2009 Canada Summer Games Website.

The coaches were: John Smyth and Amanda Hancock.

Athletes who rowed at the games are:

  • Chris Clark
  • Ben Colbourne
  • Paul Hussey
  • Zachary Meaney
  • Michael Noel
  • Brent Payne
  • Mark Perry
  • Robert Roach
  • Josh Sutton
  • Tyler Young
  • Jane Brodie
  • Karen Brodie
  • Katie Bruce
  • Emma Colbourne
  • Steph Davis
  • Allison DeLong
  • Alyssa Devereaux
  • Shannon Driscoll
  • Victoria Morgan
  • Amanda Ryan
  • Hilary Sinclair
  • Kiersten Van Gulick
  • Holly Whelan

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