Adult Recreational

The St. John’s Rowing Club offers a recreational program for adults and post-secondary students. The program is geared towards both beginner and intermediate rowers, and also provides rowing opportunities for fixed seat rowers who want to keep it up after the regatta (though we don’t have six-seat boats!). Starting in June and running until late October, this program is a good way for individuals to get the most out of the rowing season. Participants will have the opportunity to row in a variety of racing shells, including one, two, four and eight person shells. You can join for the whole season or just for half the season; the second half begins after the regatta.

Note that the boathouse will be closed for about two weeks in late July and early August, as our coaches and most of our boats and oars will be heading to Winnipeg for Canada Games. We’re as sorry for the break as you are, but it’s only once every four years…

Schedule – June-July, 2017

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
5:30-6:45 6:45-8:00 5:30-6:45


Registration 2017

  1. Please register online at Rowing Canada
  2. Seasons: First Half Season (Start of Spring through the Regatta), Second Half Season (After the Regatta – End of Fall, usually October sometime), Full Season
  3. Fees: $200 for each half season or $350 for the full year.
  4. Fees may be paid online through Rowing Canada or handed in as cash or cheque at your first practice.
  5. Please note that the boathouse will be closed for two weeks from late July through sometime in the 2nd week of August, as all of our coaches and most of our boats and oars will be away at Canada Games.

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