Registering for any St. John’s Rowing Club program gives participants three levels of membership for the year: membership with the St. John’s Rowing Club (SJRC), membership with Rowing Newfoundland (RNL is the provincial rowing organization) and membership with Rowing Canada (RCA is the national rowing organization). Required RNL ($20) and RCA ($20) membership dues are already incorporated into the SJRC program fees and are paid only once per year per rower.

Program registration proceeds through an online system operated by Rowing Canada, at The steps involved are a bit complicated, so we have created a step-by-step illustrated guide, which can be found here. The registration process includes a participation and liability waiver for each rower. Youth members are also required to complete a swim test (form available here).

Once you have registered for the correct program(s) through the RCA website, you must pay for the program(s) to SJRC. SJRC accepts payments by cash, cheque or email transfer to the SJRC email address. In 2019, credit card payments will not be accepted.

A participant’s registration will not be activated and rowing will not be permitted until fees have been paid. When fees are received, your registration will be activated by SJRC administration and an email notification will come to you according to the email address entered online. Of note, RCA insurance, which covers all club activities and members, is only available for activated registrations.

E-transfer Payment Instructions

To send an e-transfer to the club, please note the following:

Email address for the transfer: [email protected]

Question and answer for your transfer: “What is our sport?” answer “Rowing”

Important Details: E-transfers will be processed by the club treasurer or another board member, NOT your (or your child’s) coach. The person processing your transaction may not know who you are, who your child is, or which program the fee might be for. Therefore, in the message box for
the e-transfer, PLEASE enter the following information:

  • • The full name of the rower – not just the name of the person making the payment. Last names may differ, and we won’t know whom the payment is for.
  • • The program you or your child is in. Include this even if you are paying something other than a program fee.
  • • What you are paying for and how much for each item (e.g. adult novice program fee for summer, or junior competitive full season program fee, or racing shirt, or a list of items and amounts.)

Please do not use “my child’s name” as the security question for your e-transfer. Again, the person processing the payment may not know you or your child.

You can download e-transfer instructions here.

Questions? Concerns? Please drop us an email: [email protected]

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