Adult Learn to Row

The Adult Learn to Row program is for people 18 or older with no prior rowing experience, and for fixed seat rowers interested in joining the slide-seat community.  Participants will have the opportunity to row in a variety of racing shells, including one, two, four, and eight-person shells, as their skills progress.  

The Adult LTR program will run 3 training sessions per week for ten weeks from June 28 through September 5, on Monday and Friday evenings 6:30 to 8:00 and Sunday mornings 9:00 to 11:00.  Should weather conditions not permit on-water activities, dryland skills, boat basics or fitness training will take place at the SJRC boathouse or the erg room at the same times.

A swim test is not required for adult rowing programs; however, when you join you must confirm that you can swim well and will be comfortable if your boat flips and you find yourself in the water.

  1. Please register online at Rowing Canada.  Detailed instructions on how to register and pay by e-transfer are available here (registration is a bit complicated).
  2. Fees: $300 (includes mandatory RNL and RCA dues).
  3. Fees should be paid by e-transfer to [email protected] prior to your first practice.
  4. Note: a registration cap will be applied to this program.

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