Youth Learn To Row (registration for 2018 now open!)

Youth Learn to Row is geared towards children aged from 12 – 16. Starting at the end of June and continuing until the end of August, the Youth Learn to Row program provides an opportunity for young people to begin the process of becoming rowers, perhaps with a goal of moving on to the junior development and competitive programs and eventually competing in Canada Games.

Youth Development

Youth Development is a bridge program between the Youth Learn to Row program and the Junior Competitive team. Athletes should have at least one year of experience in Learn to Row or a similar program.

Junior Competitive

Junior Competitive is the program for more advanced youth rowers who will be eligible to compete in the 2021 Canada Games. Athletes must have rowing experience and have displayed both a dedication to the sport of rowing and the required training.

Adult Rowing (registration for 2018 now open!)

The Adult Rowing Program is open to any adults over 18 years of age who are interested in rowing. Adults with any level of experience are welcome to join this program: it is designed for novice and experienced rowers alike. Beginning in the spring and running until late October, this program is a great way for individuals to learn the fundamentals of rowing, improve their skills, and remain active. For the more experienced rowers, there will also be opportunities to focus on more advanced technical skills, follow a more structured training plan, and aim to compete if interested.

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